Vineman 70.3 2016

Please excuse the tardiness in getting this blog written up. After Vineman I had 5 days off training and thinking about triathlon, which also included writing up a blog, which I am now getting around to.

Vineman 70.3 might be my favourite 70.3 on the circuit. The course is beautiful, challenging and very unique. Combined with an attractive prize purse, its easy to see why so many high caliber athletes return year after year.

The Players

This year was no different, with some of the best 70.3 athletes, including, but not limited to; Tim Reed, Andy Potts, Craig Alexander, Terenzo Bozzone, Ben Hoffman and more. I was feeling some pressure as the defending champion from 2015, but I knew my form was good and I was really excited to get out there and race.

As I said, the course is very unique. The swim is held in a narrow river which at some points is shallow enough to get up and dolphin dive/wade through. One particular section at the turn around was only about knee depth, which allowed us to stand up and run through for about 100 meters. I settled back into the front few guys and exited the swim in 3rd.

The ride course is spectacular as it weaves its way from Johnsons Beach to the town of Windsor. It offers some amazing scenery through the Sonoma County with numerous wineries to distract you from the fact that you’re pushing 300 watts to chase down a not so sociable Terenzo Bozzone, who had wormed away at the beginning of the bike. I felt strong on the bike and was trying to limit the time gap to Terenzo up ahead, who, in the past has already shown he knows what it takes to win this race.

The time gap grew to about 1:40min, but towards the end of the ride I was more concerned with setting myself up for the best possible run for myself. We hit T2 with a 100sec deficit, and myself, Tim Reed, Andy Potts and Craig Alexander immediately went to work on the run.

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I was feeling good, which was a relief as I felt like I had over biked in the past few races, and not left much juice for my running legs. I settled into the pack and we ticked over the miles, and reduced Terenzo’s lead. By mile 8 we made the pass and about the same time, Tim Reed put in a sturdy surge that unhinged Craig and myself from the group. Andy responded, and I was left in 4th place trying to get to the finish line in one piece.

Andy Potts went on to win, with old coach and good buddy Tim Reed in second and the veteran Craig Alexander showing age is just a number in 3rd. I felt like I a raced better than 4th, but these 3 guys were on another level on this day.

Thank you to my team of sponsors around me and also to my amazing homestay Rob and Shelli Main, you guys are awesome.

Next up for me is a little race on the Sunshine Coast on September 4th 😉 Before I head back home to Australia its head down and bum up for the next 6 weeks.

Thanks for reading!


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